Inclusivity Tools for DEI Leaders

Embed DEI into the daily fabric of your workplace. Drive inclusion and intersectional awareness without adding work to your plate.

Provide personalized inclusion coaching, at scale

Help your managers deepen their self awareness and improve their inclusive leadership skills with Equal Time.

Managers get data analytics from their Zoom, Google Meet, and MS Teams calls, and personalized recommendations for how to be a more inclusive leader, manage diverse employees, and specific suggestions for how to create more effective teamwork based on their behavior.

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Inclusive Interview with Equal Time
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Empower your employees

Help women and diverse employees to advocate for themselves and be heard.

Employees get personalized recommendations based on their virtual meetings for how to get their to be voice heard, gain visibility in the org, and tactfully advocate for themselves.

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Immediately demonstrate your commitment to DEI

Visibly show employees that you are taking action on diversity and inclusion, not just making PR statements.

Provide an easy and accessible way for all employees to get involved with DEI in their daily work.

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Focus on inclusion

Transform your company's culture for the better
Change manager and leader behavior to create more space for all voices. Empower employees to share their ideas. Eliminate office "housework" like note-taking, which often falls to women.
Provide long-lasting, sticky, learning outcomes 
Implement a tool that generates ongoing value long term. Unlike a one-time DEI training, which is quickly forgotten, Equal Time provides ongoing personalized education for as long as your subscription lasts.
Easily gain executive buy-in for DEI with data
Show executives data about your organization's level of inclusion, benchmark to similar organizations, and accurately measure change over time as you implement different programs. 
Highest Standard of Privacy and Security
Equal Time takes your privacy and security seriously. We are proud to use the highest standards of security and privacy in our software development practices and data storage. Download the information here to share with your IT Manager.
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Organization-Wide Implementations

Get in touch to learn how Equal Time can support your diversity and inclusion program.

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