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Equitable meetings with monitored speaking time

Ensuring engagement among virtual meeting participants is a difficult task. 

Use Equal Time to get an instant, real-time view on who has spoken, for how long, and who you still need to hear from. Take it a step further with recommendations and suggestions for making your meetings more inclusive.

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Spend more time leading, and less time note taking

Even the most effective meetings can lose their impact if the team doesn’t follow through on the topics discussed. However, note taking and task assigning often (unfairly) gets placed on a woman’s shoulders.

Our AI-generated meeting notes deliver transcripts, summaries, analysis of topics discussed, and action items, all via email the moment your meeting ends.

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of users experience more engaging and inclusive meetings as a result of using Equal Time.

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Promote inclusion by understanding your team's behavior

Making your employees feel heard is one of the best ways to show them that they are valued and increase the chance that they will stay at your company. You have worked hard to recruit, onboard and train them. Ensure they feel welcome and stay at your organization.

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As a woman, advocate for yourself and have your voice be heard

Improve day-to-day interactions without expensive mediation or stress. Our unbiased, AI-technology automatically joins your virtual meeting, takes notes, and provides a breakdown of exactly what happened so you can advocate for yourself (and others).

Who It’s For?

DEI Leaders

Easily keep inclusion top-of-mind by deploying a tool employees use every day. Go beyond workshops and trainings to drive a sticker experience. Improve inclusive behavior among employees and senior leaders with Equal Time.

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DEI Leaders

Learning and Development

Implement a scalable learning and development solution for DEI that brings lessons of inclusion to the daily work of your team.

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HR & Recruiters


Run more effective 1:1s and team meetings with Equal Time. Seamlessly integrate inclusive leadership into your busy day.

Corporate Managers


Advocate for yourself and have your voice be heard. Track the amount of time each participant speaks in a meeting and use your contributions to advocate for a promotion for yourself.

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Powerful Women


Moderate discussions equitably and ensure clients are adequately participating in the required process.

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Coaches & Counselors


Whether you are a K-12 teacher, a university faculty member, or a language instructor, there is no denying that attendance and participation tracking is a drag. Let Equal Time relieve you of mundane tasks, and help you improve student learning outcomes.

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Engineering Teams

Ensure all voices are heard in daily standups and product meetings.

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Engineering Teams

Changing people’s lives, every day.

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