We’re a small team
with great ambitions

Founded by two women in 2021, we have developed cutting edge technology that helps you keep track of what is really happening in your virtual meetings, adapt with real-time prompts, and create a welcoming environment for all.

We believe all workplaces should be inclusive, equitable and diverse.

Our mission to support women in their career advancement by offering a simple and accessible tool for leadership coaching. Our tools impact the culture and context in which employees work. We use AI and data analytics to offer self-reflection and targeting coaching for women to advance their careers.

laptop with zoom and the equal time app open
The Equal Time team having a meeting on Zoom

Our Story

Equal Time began in 2021, when Rachel, a tech executive, realized how hard it was for her team members to gain confidence, speak up, and gain visibility for their work.

There was a persistent problem facing many women she interacted with and that was that they didn’t feel safe to speak up and share their perspective. This was holding them back from earning promotions and getting the leadership experience they wanted.

Rachel met Kim, another tech executive, and together they decided to apply their skills to helping underrepresented employees gain an equal chance to succeed at work. They launched the fist Google Meet app in January of 2022, and the Zoom app in August of 2022.

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Our Team

Rachel Dowling

Rachel Dowling, CEO

  • Former VP Product at TrustYou (B2B SaaS), led 15M EUR product portfolio, new product innovation, and partnerships with Booking.com, TripAdvisor, Accor Hotels

  • Former B2C Growth PM (grew Study.com by $12M ARR)

  • Stanford and Oxford alum

Kim LaRocca

Kim LaRocca, CTO

  • Senior Engineering Manager at NYPR

  • Full Stack Dev and Design

  • Hacked and hustled – built solo real-estate tech business

  • Built Black Lives Matter website

  • Rutgers alum

wilfredo colon

Wilfredo Colon
Full Stack Development

maria startseva

Maria Startseva
NLP and AI

gerry piazza

Gerry Piazza

Advisory Board

Jarvis Sam, Chief Diversity Officer at Nike

Jarvis Sam
Chief Diversity Officer at Nike

Nicole Abi-Esber, Researcher at Harvard Business School in Organizational Design

Nicole Abi-Esber
Researcher at Harvard Business School in Organizational Design

David Hall, Stanford ML and AI

David Hall
Stanford ML and AI

John Russ, Former CMO at Coinbase and Zapier

John Russ
Former CMO at Coinbase and Zapier

Rachel Ernst
Director of HR at Udemy

Cory Hutchison, Enterprise Software, Security and Privacy

Cory Hutchison
Enterprise Software, Security and Privacy

Laura Bloomer, Founder of Backed Technology, former VC

Laura Bloomer
Founder of Backed Technology, Former VC

James Menezes, Former VP Operations at Funnel

James Menezes
Former VP Operations at Funnel

Yoland Moutama, CMO at Digip

Yoland Moutama
CMO at Digip