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15 Best States for Gender Equality in the US

Kim LaRocca

Not all states in the US are created equal when it comes to Gender Equality. 

The US News & World Report has created a list of the US states, as ranked by their gender equality. Among the factors taken into account for the analysis are how well women are represented in business and politics, as well as their physical and financial health relative to men. There were 13 metrics across 5 categories including representation and power; family planning and care; economy; health; and education. 

Maryland take the top spot, and Idaho was in last place. See below for the top 15 states, and a map and chart detailing the rest of the US states’ placement.


The Top US States for Gender Equality


1. Maryland 

2. Maine 

3. Rhode Island 

4. Vermont 

5. Illinois

6.  Oregon 

7. Connecticut 

8. New Hampshire 

9. Delaware

10. Hawaii 

11. Massachusetts 

12. New York 

13. Wisconsin 

14. Arizona 

15. California 


You can see a more detailed break down of the factors included in the ranking here:

US states, and their scores on the Gender Equality ranking, is below: 

“The Best States for Gender Equality” rankings are calculated using 13 metrics from five categories. Metrics included factors such as test scores, labor force participation, health care coverage and access to birth control. In almost all categories, U.S. News measured the disparity between men and women comparing the absolute difference of their outcomes to that of the total population. The one exception was the family planning and care category. The analysis does not include those that identify as nonbinary due to a lack of data identifying this population.

Read more about the methodology here

Read more from the report, and details about each category here.

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