Zoom Documentation

How to Add the Equal Time Zoom App

Click here to add the Equal Time Zoom app to your Zoom instance

How to Purchase Equal Time Premium 

Click below to buy now. You can purchase a monthly or an annual subscription. 

View our pricing page to learn more.

You may need to ask your IT Admin to allow Equal Time in your organization. If you need help with this, you can email hello@equaltime.io for assistance. 

How to Use the Equal Time Zoom App 

When you are in a meeting, click Apps at the bottom of your screen. 

How to open Equal Time Zoom app

Begin your meeting as you normally would! 

If you see that speaking time is not being distributed evenly, you may want to invite others to speak. 

For teachers, you may use speaking time data to decide which students you should engage. 

Click Trends to see your meeting metrics, history, and trends (requires a premium subscription, available for purchase here). 

Equal Time Zoom App

How to see speaking time of a group

Optionally, you may use our grouping (A, B, C) to view speaking time of a group. You may do this to view the total speaking time of a particular team, gender, location, or any other group you are paying attention to. the pie chart below will update in real time to reflect your groupings. 

How to Remove the Equal Time Zoom App

Go to https://marketplace.zoom.us/user/installed and click Remove


If you have connected your Google/Outlook calendar and want to disconnect the Equal Time notetaker bot, please go to https://app.equaltime.io/settings and click Disconnect Calendars.