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Coaches and trainers can leverage the insights of Equal Time to save time, and improve their clients' experiences.

Spot low engagement to reduce churn

Track engagement of your clients easily and re-engage clients who are not participating to reduce churn.

Improve your facilitation and leadership skills, and improve your active listening and coaching with Equal Time.

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Track attendance and dropoff in webinars

If you run group classes, webinars or coaching sessions, it is critical that you understand which clients are attending and which ones have low engagement so that you can re-engage them.

View an arrival and dropoff graph for each meeting, and download a CSV that you can export to a CRM or marketing tool.

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Make everything easier

Auto-Alerting to issues that need your attention
We get it. Reviewing meetings - and even mtg transcripts - is too much work. Our platform highlights the troubling areas that you need to pay attention to so you won't miss a red flag.
Highest Standard of Privacy and Security
Equal Time takes your privacy and security seriously. We are proud to use the highest standards of security and privacy in our software development practices and data storage. Download the information here to share with your IT Manager.
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